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Chip Tatum on the Cocaine Import Agency (CIA):

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For as long as I can remember (and I was born during Harry Truman’s tenure as President), mainstream television ‘programming’ has omitted, distorted, broadcast misinformation and/or outright lied about life changing events throughout American History. Events whose cause and effect have attempted to mold the human psyche into an ill conceived, distorted perspective of both national and world events in their efforts to conceal the truth about their corruption, illegal war agenda and outright murder of innocent people for their international interests. This site was formed as an informational portal for people of the world to digest and disseminate the truth from the fictions of which we’ve all become so accustom in the hopes that one day, the masses of informed and awakened people can in effect, begin to implement and institute change, for the sake of our children, our children’s children and for all those of future generations and provide for them and their families, a better world, a world devoid of the corruption we are seeing on a daily basis here in America. We will be updating and recording reports regularly on many topics, ‘dropping the curtain’ and exposing the ‘Real’ story. Welcome to ‘The American Awakening.’

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