Alex Jones to sully his integrity, appear on Megyn Kelly’s Mainstream Media Show

As every proud member of the resistance knows, Alex Jones and his Infowars website managesto avoid corruption from the globalist mainstream media by dint of not being subject to the elite corporatist demands of facts and evidence. Not only does that change the face of reporting, as Jones has said with little thought to the many ways that statement could be interpreted, it means his viewers can rest easy, knowing the man who looks like Kevin James after undergoing extensive cocaine therapy won’t have to kowtow to any Bilderberg stooges. Until now, that is. Capitulating to the insatiable need for…

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Understanding Terror: Donald Trump is in league with the perpetrators

I didn’t expect Trump to bring Rudy Giuliani into his campaign. I didn’t anticipate the speeches either of them would give at the convention. I didn’t expect Trump to pick someone as dark and dirty as Mike Pence as his vice President. Trump has tied himself, through his policies and speeches, to the perpetrators of both 911 and Orlando. That’s what I learned making this video.

About the Corrections Corporation of America/CoreCivic

The Current Treatment of Ammon Bundy at a CoreCivic Facility Ammon Bundy Speaks from the Prison — May 30, 2017: The Nevada Southern Detention Center (owned by the Corrections Corporation of America — CCA): 775-751-4500 (Charlotte Collins, Warden) CCA Corporate Headquarters: 615-263-3000 (Harley Lappin, CCA Chief Corrections Officer) Click here to send CCA an eMail: (Opens in a new tab/window) To learn more about the Corrections Corporation of America (now called CoreCivic), click here! Last fall, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) announced that it rebranded its corporate enterprise as CoreCivic. Under the CoreCivic brand, the company provides three distinct business…

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Sandy Hook

Much has been reported both pro and con regarding the alleged tragic events surrounding the Sandy Hook Massacre.’ Shortly after it unfolded, I watched numerous ‘Mainstream’ reporting involving the alleged shooter’s background, mother, interviewing of the alleged victim’s parents, interviews with ‘experts’ i.e. the coroner, Lt Vance (lead police investigator). etc. There was something about this event that just didn’t sit well in my being. I personally examined many reports/video’s etc and though I do not claim to be an expert on this event, I’m posting numerous video’s and talks by others of whom have taken the time to ‘dig’…

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New World Order

Thirty years ago, if one were to mention the term ‘New World Order,’ they would likely be met with a response like ‘Oh, you’re one of those conspiracy theorists.’ Though more people each day are awakening to the idea, many are still living in a bubble and thinking everything is fine. However, for those unenlightened people, I’ve dedicated this section of my site to allow American’s to let it sink in. Though many still believe it to be conspiracy, the term in recent years is actually starting to become more widely stated by many Officials and politicians alike. For those…

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Educational Propaganda

The Education system in America is very different from other International systems. In the United States, each state has its own department of education with different educational guidelines. Each school district is governed by a school board, which is a small committee of people who are elected by the community, or appointed by the local government. The school boards set general policies for the district, and insure state guidelines are met. Children are required to enroll into the school system at age five. At the age of 16, students have the option to drop out of school, or obtain a…

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